Jannik Sinner: The Emerging Force in Tennis - A Threat to Djokovic's Legacy

Adriano Panata, a former Italian tennis player predicts that Sinner will become number 1

by Sededin Dedovic
Jannik Sinner: The Emerging Force in Tennis - A Threat to Djokovic's Legacy
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In the world of tennis, the rise of young talent often marks the beginning of a new era. Adriano Panata, former Italian Davis Cup representative and Roland Garros champion in 1976, believes that Jannik Sinner is on the verge of becoming a dominant force in the sport.

Sinner's recent victories over the legendary Novak Djokovic have fueled speculation about the young Italian's potential to surpass the current world number one. At the end of the year, Sinner achieved the remarkable feat of defeating Djokovic twice within ten days.

This impressive performance led Panat to claim that the gap between the two players is not as significant as it seems. Despite Djokovic maintaining a positive overall against Siner, Panata sees the Italian's recent wins as a sign of his growing strength on court.

Panata's prediction: "If Siner beats Djokovic two or three times in 2024, it will become a nightmare for the Belgrade champion and push him towards retirement. History teaches us that everything repeats itself. Borg stopped playing with the appearance of McEnroe, McEnroe retired when Boris Becker arrived." Panata said.

With Novak triumphing in four meetings and losing twice to the young sensation, the tennis world is witnessing an intriguing story. Panata believes that if Sinner maintains this trajectory, he could follow in the footsteps of the legends who disrupted the established order in tennis.

Panata was also asked if he really thinks that Sinner will become world number one. "Yes, of course he will. In the 'new tennis', as I call it, I believe that Sinner will become the best player in the world. I know him a little, but I suspect that his education, his modesty, determination and clear ideas will lead him to that to be the absolute protagonist for a long time," said Panata.

"New Tennis" Era:

Panata introduces the concept of 'new tennis' and firmly claims that Sinner is ready to become the best player in the world in this evolution. Aside from the courts, Panata attributes Siner's success to his education, determination and a clear vision of his future.

According to Panata, these qualities will make Sinner a central figure in the world of tennis for a long time. It remains to be seen whether Sinner will fulfill Panata's prophecy and rise to the pinnacle of world tennis.

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