Leighton Hewitt: Malaga put on a great event, but this is no Davis Cup

Lleyton Hewitt criticized the organization and format of the Davis Cup competition

by Sededin Dedovic
Leighton Hewitt: Malaga put on a great event, but this is no Davis Cup
© Clive Brunskill / Getty Images

The selector of the Australian tennis team, Leighton Hewitt, criticized the organization and format of the competition in the Davis Cup, reports the British Express. Last night in Malaga, Australia was defeated by Italy in the final of the Davis Cup final with a score of 2:0.

"It was a great week in terms of our games. We gave ourselves the chance to fight until the end. Malaga put on a great event, but in terms of what they can do with the format, their hands are tied. No more 'home and away' , no three-set matches, so it's not ideal," Hewitt said.

He pointed out that he is dissatisfied with the surface on which the matches of the Davis Cup Final Tournament were played in Malaga. "We played on a surface that honestly makes me sick. It's not Davis Cup, because it should be played on clay, grass, outdoors.

It's frustrating that we no longer have different surfaces at Davis Cup, especially in big matches," he pointed out. coach of Australia. As a player with the Australian team, Hewitt won the Davis Cup in 1999 and 2003. Australia has won this competition 28 times.

The last of the 28 titles that the Australians have in this competition was won back in 2003 when Hewitt was a player. Then the Australians beat Spain in the final in Melbourne.

Sinner led Italy to victory

The Italian tennis team won the Davis Cup and thus became the world champion in this sport.

The hero of "azura" is Janik Siner, who won all his matches in the tournament, and the last one was worthy of a trophy. Siner defeated Australian Alex De Minor 2:0, in sets 6:3, 6:0, and brought his country the second "salatara" after the one from 1976.

Hewitt congratulated Sinner even though he was not happy with the end result for his team. Siner showed that he is a player for big things and completely dominated against De Minoro, conceding only three games to him in the entire match.