Novak Djokovic's Ex-Coach Predicts How Long He'll Continue Playing


Novak Djokovic's Ex-Coach Predicts How Long He'll Continue Playing
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Nikola Pilic, Novak Djokovic's former coach, had interesting comments regarding the Serb's records and his career. Djokovic wants to chase Jimmy Connors' record with the most ATP titles. Pilic believes that it is not important at all, considering the level of tennis at that time.

Nikola believes that Djokovic has already shown that he is one of the best. “That record is not that important to me, it’s not something fun for me. I know Connors and beat him once in Philly, but he’s won 90% of his titles in the 250 series in America,” - he told Kurir, as quoted by!

“The level of tennis then and today is not at all comparable. Tennis is much different, times have changed, but what speaks volumes is that Novak is the best in all six categories that count, and that’s what you see, the numbers say it all”.

Novak Djokovic and his retirement

A lot of tennis fans are curious about how long Novak Djokovic can keep playing at the highest level. Based on his recent performances, it looks like the Serb might rule the tennis world for a few more years.

His former coach even made a prediction about how long Djokovic could stay at the top. “It depends on his health condition, but in my opinion, if Djokovic is not injured, he has two more years of playing at the top level.

If there are no injuries, he has two more years of playing among the top five tennis players,” -Nikola Pilic continued. “It doesn’t matter if he’s second or fourth, it’s important that he’s there.

Knowing him and his professionalism and desire, it is very likely that there will be more than two, but I repeat, only Novak can know and only he can decide how long he will play”.

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