Novak Djokovic wants gold at the Olympics!

"Of course, the Olympics are a huge desire of mine"

by Sead Dedovic
Novak Djokovic wants gold at the Olympics!
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Novak Djokovic wants to achieve one goal: Win the Olympics! This has been his wish for a long time, and he is ready to do everything to make it happen. In an interview with the media, the Serb revealed that the Olympics was a completely different experience than everything else.

There are many things you have to adapt to. "Of course, the Olympics are a huge desire of mine – it’s a unique opportunity, I have a bronze from Beijing 2008,” Djokovic told Serbian reporters after his win in Turin.
A lot of things are different at the Olympics – you can’t bring your whole team, some of the routines you usually have are limited; there are a lot of athletes from other sports, which gives you the energy on one hand, but it drains you on the other.
All those things you mentioned – I want it all, why not, and we’ll see where it ends”.

- Novak Djokovic said, as quoted by!

Novak Djokovic

Novak Djokovic is ready to play for many more years, as long as his body has the strength. At the moment, he is still a dominant force on the tennis scene.

Novak emphasized that the moment he feels that he cannot give his maximum, that will be the moment when he will probably end his career. "[Holger] Rune, Alcaraz and him [Sinner] are, you know, the big three, the next big three, if you want to call them,” said Djokovic after his ATP Finals victory.
They're going to carry this sport.

I will hang on for as long as I feel like hanging on.
As long as I'm able to still win against them on the big stage I'll still keep going because you know, why stop if you're still winning the biggest titles.
But once they start to kick my butt, then I'll consider having a little break or maybe a permanent break from professional tennis”.

Novak Djokovic