Stan Wawrinka is very angry: Grand Slams do not share earnings with tennis players


Stan Wawrinka is very angry: Grand Slams do not share earnings with tennis players
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Stan Wawrinka is on the verge of retirement, he has not competed for the biggest titles for a long time, but he wants to help his colleagues before he retires. Just like Novak Djokovic, he believes that the distribution of profits in tennis is unequal: - The Grand Slam tournaments do not distribute the earned money equally - the 38-year-old Swiss accuses the organizers of the four biggest competitions in an interview with the French "Lekip".

- That is exactly why they have great power in tennis, because they earn a lot. Wawrinka claims that the tournament's big four are abusing their importance: - Their stadiums are places where tennis history is written. The federations of their countries are the richest, but they do not share the profits.

There is no communication even between them. Earnings from Grand Slams are very important today, and the percentage that goes to the players is ridiculously small. And it hardly increases. It is estimated that only about 10 percent of the earnings of the biggest tournaments go to the players.

- The Grand Slams are not interested in anything except their own interest, the interest of their country and their federation. We are stuck until the tennis players say "stop". Many expect PTPA, the organization founded by Novak Djokovic, to help tennis players, but the Swiss disagrees: - I have not seen any progress since the establishment of the PTPA and I think that we tennis players do not need such an association.

We need players in decision-making bodies. This was argued by the Australian Open's decision to start the tournament a day earlier from the following season. - They just told us that the tournament will start on Sunday. Has anyone asked us tennis players if we want one day longer? I think that's not right, because it means that we don't work together - he points out.

- They will get an extra day to earn even more from tickets and TV rights, but it is unlikely that the players will benefit from it. He also says that the two biggest problems related to the game remain. - We don't want late night matches and constant ball changes because all that causes injuries.

Because of sponsorship interests, that will not change and that is why players are needed in decision-making bodies. I've been playing professional tennis for 20 years and we talk about the same problems all the time.