Djokovic has the opportunity to do something that no one has done for three decades

Novak's new challenge begins the day after tomorrow when Serbia meets Great Britain in the quarterfinals

by Sededin Dedovic
Djokovic has the opportunity to do something that no one has done for three decades
© Clive Brunskill / Getty Images

Tennis is a sport of incredible records and feats, and the upcoming season promises to be no exception. One particular challenge that has remained elusive for decades is winning both the ATP Finals and Davis Cup in the same year.

The last player to achieve this remarkable feat was Michael Stich in 1993. Stich's triumph was particularly impressive due to the contrasting surfaces on which the two tournaments were played. He first prevailed on the fast indoor court of Frankfurt at the ATP Finals, and then seamlessly transitioned to the clay courts of Düsseldorf to lead his German national team to victory against Australia.

The dual demands of these two competitions, held on vastly different surfaces and in a short span, have made it difficult for any player to replicate Stich's achievement. Often, the ATP Finals champion faces the challenge of adapting to a new surface and even a different continent within a matter of days.

Stich managed this transition by taking advantage of the ten-day gap between the ATP Finals singles tournament and the Davis Cup. With this extra time, he could acclimatize to the clay surface and prepare for the challenges ahead.

Novak has a chance to succeed in this challenge

Now, Novak Djokovic finds himself in a similar situation, poised to potentially recreate Stich's historic feat. While the playing conditions in Turin were faster than those in Málaga, Djokovic's experience and adaptability give him a significant advantage.

However, the pressure of carrying the Serbian national team on his shoulders adds a new dimension to the challenge. Unlike Stich, who had Mark-Kevin Goellner as a reliable partner in the 1993 Davis Cup, Djokovic faces the task of leading his team to victory while maintaining his own winning streak.

Despite these added pressures, Djokovic's recent performance suggests that he is well-positioned to emulate Stich's remarkable achievement. His ability to adapt to different surfaces and his unwavering determination make him a formidable contender for both the ATP Finals and Davis Cup titles.