Novak Djokovic dominated Sinner and won the tournament in Turin

The experienced tennis player once again showed why he is considered the best of all time

by Sededin Dedovic
Novak Djokovic dominated Sinner and won the tournament in Turin
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Novak Djokovic etched his name in tennis history once again, securing his seventh Final Masters title in a commanding victory over Jannik Sinner at the Pala Alpitour arena on Sunday. The Serbian maestro displayed his unwavering dominance throughout the match, defeating Sinner in straight sets (6:3, 6:3) to extend his reign as the most successful player in the tournament's Open Era.

This triumph marked Djokovic's ninth appearance in the Final Masters finals, showcasing his remarkable consistency and unwavering determination. With his seventh title, he surpassed the legendary Roger Federer to stand alone as the record holder for the most Final Masters titles.

The match began with Djokovic showcasing his brilliance, breaking Sinner's serve in the fourth game to establish a 3:1 lead. Maintaining his momentum, he confirmed the break and confidently closed out the first set, demonstrating his unwavering control over the match.

The second set mirrored the intensity of the first, with Djokovic seizing control early on. He immediately broke Sinner's serve, winning all eight points played in the first two games. Djokovic's dominance continued as both players held their serves until the sixth game, when Sinner faced two break points.

However, the young Italian managed to fend off Djokovic's advances, keeping the score at 4:3.

Sinner played in front of his audience and had huge support

The seventh game of the second set proved to be the longest and most intense of the match, lasting a grueling 16 minutes.

Djokovic applied immense pressure, creating eight ties and two break opportunities. Despite Sinner's valiant resistance, Djokovic's persistence prevailed, and he broke Sinner's serve to secure a 5:3 lead. With the crowd's fervent support behind Sinner, Djokovic faced the challenge of closing out the match.

Unfazed by the pressure, he maintained his composure and broke Sinner's serve once again in the ninth game, sealing his victory with a decisive 6:3 triumph. Djokovic's victory solidified his position as the undisputed king of the Final Masters, a testament to his unwavering dedication and exceptional talent. His seventh title further cements his legacy as one of the greatest tennis players of all time.

Novak Djokovic