Dimitrov's Romantic Rally: The Lexus ATP Head2Head Treasure Quest


Dimitrov's Romantic Rally: The Lexus ATP Head2Head Treasure Quest
© Dean Mouhtaropoulos/Getty Images Sport

In the heart of Paris, amidst the echoes of competition at the Rolex Paris Masters, Grigor Dimitrov and Gael Monfils exchanged their usual camaraderie for a bout of friendly rivalry. The two tennis virtuosos, who have graced the Top 10 rankings, embarked on an exhilarating journey through the city’s cobblestone streets for the Lexus ATP Head2Head Scavenger Hunt, showcasing their spirit beyond the court.

The pair, swapping volleys for clues, commandeered a Lexus as they dashed to the storied Place des Vosges. Here, amidst the architectural splendour, they checked off whimsical tasks: Dimitrov took an impromptu slide down a playground fixture, while Monfils’ rhythm came alive in a spontaneous dance, much to the delight of Parisian onlookers.

Romance Meets Rivalry

Adding a touch of literary romance to the scavenger hunt, Dimitrov paused at the Maison de Victor Hugo to craft a heartfelt, albeit playful, missive to his opponent of the day: "Dear Gael, So they say love is a bad thing to have in tennis, but this is all I have for you.

You won today, but what can I do? I cannot possibly stay mad at you. All my love, G" This tête-à-tête, although competitive, underscored the enduring bond between the athletes, reflecting a dynamic that extends well past the baseline.

It’s noteworthy that Monfils has historically had the upper hand in their matchups, leading their Head2Head encounters 4-1. Despite this, their most recent on-court duel dates back to the Miami Masters in 2016, amplifying the anticipation for their next official showdown.

In a tour filled with rivalries, this unique event highlighted the amiable dimensions of competition, serving as a reminder that in the realm of sports, friendship can indeed parallel the thrill of the game. Fans of the sport eagerly await the next chapter in this duo’s rivalry, whether it’s settled on the clay, the grass, or through the whimsical escapades in the City of Light.