Pat Cash: "Roger Federer is not the best of his time"

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Pat Cash: "Roger Federer is not the best of his time"

Roger Federer, Rafael Nadal and Novak Djokovic was able of improving every record and breaking any record in the last tennis years. The talk about them and their rivalry is endless. Many words, very rich statistics that see them excel.

One last illustrious opinion comes from Australia, home of the first slam of the season, except for sad and unpredictable changes of plans, and to give it to us is Pat Cash, former world number four and Wimbledon champion in 1987.

Cash has been a keen observer of the circuit ever since he hung up his racquet in 1997 and his numerous television appearances as a reporter and columnist have done nothing but train his critical and gourmet tennis eye. In an interview with Puntodebreak, the former slam champion expressed his personal opinion on the Big Three hierarchy, underlining how Roger Federer, in this epic of phenomena, is the tennis player he most loves to watch, but at the same time instead ruling how Nole Djokovic represents according to him the best performing tennis player.

Here are the words of the Australian tennis player

"If I have to choose who I like to watch the most, I say Federer, while the second I love to admire is Nadal. But if I have to choose the best player, I choose Djokovic, it's clear.

He is a monster. He can beat the other two on their best surfaces. Many people say Federer is the best player ever, but in my opinion he is perhaps the second in his time. So I think it's hard for him to be considered the best in history if he's not the best of his time," said Cash.

Words that can lead to discussion, speeches that undoubtedly contain some truths, but that will perhaps never find confirmation. And the beauty is just that: everyone has their own idea, everyone sees tennis according to their own standards, but all those who love this sport cannot fail to bow in front of these three legends, which make us debate so much, but that they told with their exploits and their extraordinary passion a decade of great tennis.

The Swiss Maestro seems ready to come back on the court, scheduled for the Australian Open 2021, after double surgery on his right knee, which forced him to miss practically all of 2020. Ivan Ljubicic, his coach, talked about Roger Federer's come back: "Roger has done other things during these eight months.

I have been in Switzerland and he is training. Let's also say that he is very motivated, it is incredible. Many wonder why he plays, some find it hard to understand that he does it because he has fun, He likes to win. He wants to be competitive and get back to top levels.

As for the Australian Open, there is new news every day, from the latest it seems that it will not start on February 8 but earlier, trying to delay only one or two weeks. Australian government seems to want to organize very strict rules, with one-player training.

The prize pool looks like it will stay the same, that Tennis Australia will pay all the bills and that there will be a crowd. "