Rune's ATP Frustration: Physiotherapists Are Not Good Enough


Rune's ATP Frustration: Physiotherapists Are Not Good Enough
© Hu Chengwei / Getty Images

Dane Holger Rune faced a challenging setback in the semi-finals of the ATP tournament in Basel. During the intense match on a Saturday, he was pitted against the reigning champion, Felix Auger-Aliasim, who ultimately emerged victorious.

However, the most noteworthy moment of the match occurred towards the end when the young tennis sensation engaged in an extended conversation with the referee during the change of sides between games. It became evident that Rune was not entirely satisfied with the care he received from the physiotherapist, expressing his discomfort due to persistent pain in his legs.

This interaction shed light on the physical toll that professional athletes endure, even at the pinnacle of their careers. Rune's dedication to his performance, despite his evident discomfort, showcased the determination and resilience that characterizes his tennis journey.

"My legs were like that because the ATP physios are not good enough to look after the players. That's the reason. Why do you think I play so poorly? People need to know that they are not good. You have a physio who has ten minutes for a player.

And yes, I could have brought my own, which I will do in the future. We play at the best level and have the best physiotherapists," said Rune. This loss not only marks the end of Dane Holger Rune's campaign at the ATP tournament in Basel but also dashes his hopes of qualifying for the prestigious ATP Tour Finals in Turin.

The defeat deals a significant blow to his chances of securing a spot among the world's top tennis players in the season-ending tournament. Looking ahead, Rune faces another challenging task. In the upcoming week, he will be defending the title he clinched last season at the Masters in Paris.

The pressure is on as he kicks off his campaign, with his first opponent determined by the outcome of the match between Stan Wawrinka and Dominik Thiem. Rune's journey in the tournament promises to be a test of his skills and determination as he aims to retain his hard-earned title.