What's happening: Nick Kyrgios removed from the ATP list

Nick Kyrgios was left without any points and there is a zero next to his name

by Sededin Dedovic
What's happening: Nick Kyrgios removed from the ATP list
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The enigmatic Australian tennis sensation, Nick Kyrgios, has vanished from the ATP circuit, as a relentless series of injuries prevented him from participating in professional tournaments. Kyrgios, once renowned for his fiery on-court demeanor, has undergone a transformation, emerging as an ardent admirer and friend of the world's top-ranked player, Novak Djokovic.

His competitive endeavors in 2023 were scarce, amounting to just one match, a fateful encounter that ultimately led to his current predicament. A little over a year ago, Kyrgios clinched his last victory in Japan. However, the ATP swiftly erased the points associated with that triumph, relegating his ranking to an astonishing zero.

This abrupt plummet left Kyrgios in an unconventional situation, one that underscores the transient nature of professional sports. Nevertheless, there is a silver lining for the gifted Australian, whose potential has yet to be fully realized.

Despite his ranking setback, Kyrgios retains a lifeline in the form of a "protected ranking." This 21st-place designation offers him a lifeline, granting him access to tournaments even in the absence of a formal ranking. The protected ranking privilege is bestowed upon tennis players who have been sidelined for six months or more due to injury.

Under this system, a player's prior points are nullified, paving the way for them to re-enter the competitive arena.

Tennis players reach the protected ranking when they are out of court for six or more months due to an injury

The position within the rankings is recalibrated based on a player's average standing during the initial three months after recovering from injury.

Kyrgios, unfortunately, has endured a series of health setbacks, from knee troubles to wrist pain and even a foot injury incurred while thwarting a break-in at his family's residence, where his mother was at risk. As Kyrgios embarks on his journey to recover and compete again, the tennis world eagerly awaits his return, bolstered by the knowledge that his protected ranking ensures his place in forthcoming tournaments.

With his remarkable talents and newfound appreciation for the game, the Australian athlete's resurgence promises to be a captivating narrative to follow. Nick Kyrgios, once a controversial figure, now stands poised to redefine his career with resilience, determination, and renewed camaraderie in the world of tennis.

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