Grigor Dimitrov is no longer single: he has a new girlfriend!

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Grigor Dimitrov is no longer single: he has a new girlfriend!

The Bulgarian tennis player Grigor Dimitrov has made it official through his social accounts that he is no longer single. The former number 3 in the world published an Instagram Stories on Monday where he was next to the Russian Lolita Osmanova, daughter of the Russian businessman and billionaire Eldar Osmanov, co-owner of a powerful holding company and married in the past to Gaspar Avdolyan.

Lolita is also president of the well-known Luxury International magazine. Osmanova was the protagonist in the past of a record wedding held at the Dolby Theater in Los Angeles and is now the new flame of Grigor Dimitrov, a tennis player who in the past had famous relationships with the former number 1 in the female world Maria Sharapova and singer Nicole Scherzinger, both very popular with fans around the world.

Here is a tweet with the photo, which then appeared on the social networks of several fans, of the new couple:

The latest on Grigor Dimitrov

It was by no means an easy year for Grigor Dimitrov, one of the first tennis players to suffer the impact of the fearsome Covid-19 virus.

In the past, Dimitrov revealed to BBC microphones that the choice to return immediately after being hit by the virus turned out to be wrong and that it caused him several problems to his body. Here are some of his statements: "Maybe I shouldn't have played in the United States, even if I wanted to test myself.

When I returned to the court it always seemed to me to take two steps forward but at the same time also one step back. I hope I will never catch Coronavirus again." During his career Grigor Dimitrov has won 8 tournaments and as we have already said he was in third place in the standings as Best Ranking.

2017 was probably his best year as he reached the semifinals at the Australian Open and above all he achieved the best result of his career, namely the victory at the ATP Finals at the end of the season. The Bulgarian tennis player reached the semifinals also at Wimbledon in 2014 and more recently in the 2019 edition of the Us Open.

In recent days, Bernard Tomic has also talked about his private life. During the Kyle and Jackie O'Show the girl, also quoted in the Daily Mail, explained: "It was he who decided to participate in my Onlyfans account.

He was the one who wanted it and on Sunday we did it" The girl revealed that before getting engaged her parents didn't get along very well and explained: "We chatted with each other for a long time, without sharing our private care on social networks."

Tomic has not played since the beginning of last March, the month where he was defeated in the Round of 16 of the Monterrey Challenger and where he made headlines for the decision to self-isolate because he believed he had contracted the Coronavirus.

The words to the Herald Sun last March caused a sensation: "I was short of breath and my immune system was weak and I felt sick. I haven't had a swab yet but I am aware that I really have all the symptoms. I think I caught it while traveling to Mexico last week.

" A few days later the tennis player Andrea Petkovic claimed that Tomic's words were completely false and that he had made it all up. Born in Stuttgart to the Croatian Ivica Tomic, a former soccer player, and Bosnian Adisa, a biomedical scientist and daughter of the lawyer and athlete Osman Vatic, a prominent man in the Bosnian community, as well as one of the main targets of ethnic cleansing during the Balkan wars, Bernard moves to Australia at the age of three and began playing at the age of seven being coached by his father, he has a sister who is six years younger, Sara, who also embarked on a tennis career. In the Grand Slams his best result was the quarter-finals at Wimbledon 2011, while in his career he won 4 ATP titles.