Federer caused a sensation in Shanghai, he also spoke about Rafael Nadal


Federer caused a sensation in Shanghai, he also spoke about Rafael Nadal
Federer caused a sensation in Shanghai, he also spoke about Rafael Nadal © Lintao Zhang / Getty Images

Federer is currently visiting China, and the reason for the visit is the tennis icon award that this legendary tennis player received. Roger spoke at the ceremony in the company of local tennis legend Na Li and the current best Chinese on the Tour, Zhizhen Zhang.

It could be seen that the Swiss was in a very good mood and the audience was also in a good mood because he visited Shanghai. "It was great to see how tennis is developing in China. An icon is standing here, and a future superstar is being created there (Zhang prim.

out)," said Federer. Federer had some of the most interesting matches of this tournament, and he also recalled the meeting with Rafael Nadal, among other things, the 2017 final, which all tennis fans surely remember. "I played so many times with Rafa, not in every tournament, but in so many big matches around the world.

I am happy that we did it here, not once, but three times," he said and added: "It's even more special that it's in the final. I think I played very well in that match. I played a fantastic tournament, I had a fantastic year when I came back from the knee problem.

It was a dream year. That was the last time I won Shanghai. It was a great week, I loved the battles I had with Rafa. I'm happy to win the final".

Roger Federer was the main star in Shanghai and the cameras were often focused on him

Federer says that he is aware that he is very popular in China and that he has an army of his fans both when he was competing and now.

He was always happy to come to China and was always welcome. "I first appeared here in 2002 as a teenager, I had a ponytail, I looked different, I played differently, but I had so many fans from the first moment I came here.

I felt that I got the most support right here in Shanghai, China. I was very lucky to play here for so many years," Roger concluded. Federer then attended the quarterfinal match between Rublev and Humbert. It was interesting at the end of the match when Rublev said that Federer stole the show and that all the audience was looking only at Federer.

Of course, this great Russian didn't say that out of bad intentions, he just wanted to make a joke because he was happy about the great victory.

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