The ATP list came out on Thursday, Djokovic convincingly first, Sinner fourth


The ATP list came out on Thursday, Djokovic convincingly first, Sinner fourth
The ATP list came out on Thursday, Djokovic convincingly first, Sinner fourth © Emmanuel Wong / Getty Images

For a long time, something like this has not happened in tennis, which surprised many fans of this sport. ATP leaders renewed their list on October 5 instead of Monday, October 2, considering that they were waiting for the tournaments in Beijing and Astana to finish.

The tournament in Beijing brought us many surprises, and the biggest one was that the Italian Jannik Sinner won the final by knocking out the third player of the tournament, the Russian Medvedev. Completely atypical for tennis, the final of the tournament in China was played on Wednesday, while the match for the trophy in Kazakhstan was scheduled for Tuesday.

There were other cases like this, but they are really rare. Novak Djokovic had 250 points deleted from last season because he did not play in this tournament in China. He is still convincingly first on the list with 11,595 points and this is his 393rd week of world tennis rule.

Perhaps we live in the era of the best tennis player of all time, regardless of what the world and mainstream media think about this tennis player. The first holder of the tournament in China, Carlos Alcaraz, did not manage to get the coveted trophy in Beijing, he lost to Sinner in the semi-finals, but he narrowed the gap behind Djokovic.

Instead of 3,260 points, as it was last week, it is now 2,830 points. It was seen that this affected the young Spaniard because he certainly expected to win this tournament. We have to agree that it was not the best performance of this promising tennis player, but he can be relaxed because he is still very young and this is just the beginning of his promising career.

There were some significant changes in this week's ATP list

This new list also brought a lot of changes. The biggest jump in the Top 10 was made by the winner of the tournament in Beijing, the Italian Jannik Sinner. He jumped from seventh to fourth position and that is the best ranking of his career.

Surely this will give Sinner a boost to be even better in the future. This Italian tennis player could not hide his excitement and delight after winning the tournament in Beijing. He has 4,910 points, Dane Holger Rune is fifth with 4,640, and Stefanos Tsitsipas from Greece is sixth with 4,615.

Other places in the top 10 were occupied by Andrej Rubljov, Taylor Fritz, Kasper Rud and Aleksandar Zverev. According to many, the tournament in China is the best since it started. There were many good matches with twists and turns and surprises. This is exactly what the tennis public is looking for.