Djokovic praised Alcaraz and wants a long rivalry with him


Djokovic praised Alcaraz and wants a long rivalry with him
Djokovic praised Alcaraz and wants a long rivalry with him © Patrick Smith / Getty Images

Novak Djokovic arrived in Rome, where he participated in the exhibition golf tournament, the Ryder Cup, but in the conversation with the journalists, tennis is still the main topic. Journalists had to talk about tennis with, according to many, perhaps the best player in the world.

Djokovic once again praised Carlos Alcaraz, who has grown into his new great rival this year. He emphasized that he was looking forward to the next matches with him, and added that Carlos is certainly the greatest potential of all young players who will move the standards in tennis.

said Djokovic speaking for Sky Sports "The future of tennis is guaranteed with Carlos leading this new generation. This year we met three times, in top matches such as the Wimbledon final, Roland Garros semi-final and the Cincinnati final, which for me is one of the best three-set matches I've ever played in my life," admitted Djokovic.

Of course, Novak already has his long-standing great rivalries with Federer, Nadal and Murray, but now he plans to have spectacular battles with Alcaraz for a long time to come. The question remains how long this Serbian will play tennis and whether he will be able to maintain this level in the years to come, because Alacaraz will surely get better every year.

"I hope to play with Alcaraz as many times as with the others, because that will mean that I have years of tennis left," Djokovic said. Currently, their mutual duels are tied, 2:2 in victories.

Novak Djokovic has another successful season behind him

Djokovic is satisfied with this season in which he won three out of four Grand Slam trophies and reached the record number of 24 Grand Slam trophies in his career.

Some tennis analysts have argued that holding this record does not make him the best player in the world. There has been a great controversy over this topic in recent days. "Grand slams are important to me right now, I won three this season and played in the final of the fourth - I don't think I can ask for more," Novak concluded.

Novak Djokovic

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