Mats Wilander: Federer is the GOAT, Djokovic's numbers don't matter


Mats Wilander: Federer is the GOAT, Djokovic's numbers don't matter
Mats Wilander: Federer is the GOAT, Djokovic's numbers don't matter © Scott Barbour / Getty Images

There have always been polemics about who is the best. When it comes to sports, because of the great competition, most everyone has their own choice for the best.
Tennis players Tim Henman, Mats Wilander and Mike Bryan believe that numbers are not everything when it comes to the greatest tennis player of all time.

We have to agree that the numbers and the result are not the main criterion, but they are very important and if there is a small difference, then some other things are looked at.
Novak Djokovic currently has 24 Grand Slam titles, two more than Nadal and four more than Federer, but still some do not consider him the best of all time.

"You have two different conversations about the greatest player or the best player. That's where the numbers come in and Djokovic is the best at that. If you talk about influence and popularity, everything is clear, no one doubts that Federer is the most popular ever played in this sport.

In general, Djokovic is the best in terms of numbers, but many will still choose Federer because of his contributions to the game on many levels," said Henman, once ranked fourth in the world and a six-time Grand Slam semi-finalist.

Wilander, the six-time Grand Slam champion, says that he does not like to choose the best of the best because it is quite thankless.

"The greatest of all time is one thing, but the best, we would now give that title to Djokovic.

The greatest of all time, I would give that to Federer because he is the one who brought tennis to everyone's screen. It will be interesting to see what Federer will do in the future, will it be part of tennis like we are in the media now.

Will he be in the coaching business? He has a management company and is involved in equipment manufacturing, but I'd like to hear him comment, just to hear what he has to say, that would be great. "It's sad when he decided to retire, it was the saddest moment I've witnessed in professional tennis.

He's a great guy, class, he's good with everyone," said the Swede. Mike Bryan agrees that Federer is ahead of everyone, he states that it might be because he has always been a big fan of this great Swiss player. "All three are great champions, but for me, Federer is at the top.

In those years when he dominated, he hardly lost a match. And the way he worked was a master. He is the most relaxed in the dressing room. Before the Wimbledon final, he laughs in it's like a Sunday afternoon in the park. When it all comes together, who knows who will hold all the records. It will probably be Djokovic, but Roger will always have a special place in my heart," Brian said.

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