Medvedev predicts: Alacaraz will finish the year ahead of Djokovic

Medvedev statement about big rivarly Djokovic vs Alcaraz

by Sededin Dedovic
Medvedev predicts: Alacaraz will finish the year ahead of Djokovic
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The tournament in Beijing has started in earnest and we already know the first passers to the second round. It can be seen that the tennis players play with great morale, we saw very high-quality matches at the beginning of the tournament.

We hope that the tournament will continue like this, although it is very early for forecasts. But if they continue to play with the same dice, this will be the best tournament in China so far. Medvedev is currently in Beijing, where he successfully started the tournament with a victory over Tommy Polo (6:2, 6:1).

He also dreams of one day being the best in the world, however, he will have to wait for a while until the new season because now it would be very difficult, almost impossible. "Everywhere I go I try to be the champion, so the dream of number one is still alive.

However, I am aware that I am far from that and I have to try to be in the Top 2 and stay close enough to snatch it at at the beginning of 2024," said Medvedev. He then referred to the fight for the place of the best until the end of the year between Novak Djokovic and Carlos Alcaraz.

Danil gives the advantage to the Spaniard. He believes that he is much younger and that he could overtake Djokovic by the end of the year. Alcaraz himself announced that this was his goal, and that he would try because he himself said that it was not impossible.

Medvedev said that he will do his best in all tournaments until the end of the year, because he always tries to get the most out of himself.

He further continued to explain his position, citing as the reason the age of Novak Djokovic, who will not be able to play the same tournament as Alcaraz.

Admittedly, we must agree that this statement by Medvedev is justified, but we should not ignore what a name Novak Djokovic is in the world of tennis, perhaps the best of all time.
"I don't think Novak will play in many tournaments, so logic dictates that Carlos Alcaraz finish as number one at the end of the year. As for me, I will do my best in all the tournaments I play," concluded Medvedev.