Ronnie O'Sullivan praised Djokovic, says he is the best of the best

Ronnie O'Sullivan statement about Novak Djokovic

by Sededin Dedovic
Ronnie O'Sullivan praised Djokovic, says he is the best of the best
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No matter how good and proven someone is in sports, support for good and successful work is always welcome. It's nice to see that athletes support each other, of course primarily because they set a good example for children.

In most sports, we have a couple of players who are at the highest level, so the audience and journalists decide that one is the best in the world. The best snooker player in the world, the inimitable Ronnie O'Sullivan, is a big fan of Serbian tennis player Novak Djokovic.

The snooker legend points out that Novak set standards in the sport on a global level and considers him one of the best athletes of all time.

Ronnie O'Sullivan had only words of praise for Novak Djokovic, considered by many to be the best tennis player in the world

It's nice to see sports legends like Ronnie praising athletes from other sports.

We have to admit that both of them are great, and that they will surely go down in history. "Everybody, whether they play football, golf, tennis or hockey, whatever sport they play, everybody watches Djokovic," says the celebrated ace.

Novak recently put an end to the famous GOAT debate in New York, because he proved to the world what we and Ronnie have known for a long time - that he is the greatest tennis player of all time. With 24 Grand Slam titles, he is the absolute record holder, he is undisputed for the number of weeks spent on the first place of the ATP list, the record holder for the number of Masters trophies, the title at the Final Masters.

A great career behind Djokovic and a very long "shelf life". However, this tennis player never stopped playing at the highest level and dominated this sport for a long time. Is it due to his vegetarian diet, or the way he trains, but many agree that he is simply a natural talent for tennis. Ronnie O'Sullivan showed one more thing and proved that he is a great man and athlete.

Novak Djokovic