Tommy Paul changed the story, now praises Djokovic, a great ending to this saga

Tommy Paul statement about his incident with Novak

by Sededin Dedovic
Tommy Paul changed the story, now praises Djokovic, a great ending to this saga
© Clive Brunskill / Getty Images

It is normal for there to be rivalry between athletes, because their job is to compete with other people. We witnessed various arguments, fights and bad relations between athletes, especially when it comes to individual sports.

Well, in addition to combat sports, we can very often witness the quarrels of tennis players, even though it is considered a noble sport. American tennis player Tommy Paul is one of those players who can say that he had a very good season in which he also played in the semi-finals of the Australian Open!

That semi-final was one of the topics of conversation that Paul had for the website "", where he talked about Novak Djokovic. Paul lost the semifinals to the aforementioned Djokovic, with whom he did not want to shake hands in 2022, and now he is talking about the Serb in superlative terms.

Tommy Paul changed his mind and apologized to Djokovic for the 2022 incident

Not everyone is capable of overcoming the problems they have and smoothing things out like Tommy Paul. Maybe it's not right that he didn't want to shake Novak's hand, he even turned his back at one point, but it's more important to get over it and apologize and admit his mistake.

This is the characteristic of great people, being a man is much more important than being an athlete. - Novak is such an amazing player. Competing against him was an honor and showed me the level I want to be. It was a great experience and helped me learn how to adjust my game plan in real time - said Paul, currently ranked 13th in the world.

Let's recall that at the Laver Cup in September 2022, Pol avoided shaking hands with Djokovic, so he turned his back on him when Novak came to say goodbye to his team members. Accidental or intentional, that is the question, although many dismissed Paul as having done it on purpose.

Sam Paul reached the fourth round at the recent US Open, and announced that he is getting better every day.Most importantly, he proved that he knows how to "reach out the hand" of reconciliation, because being human is the most important thing. It is necessary that more and more athletes give these and similar examples to the younger generation.