Roger Federer reacts to the 'new faces' on the tennis scene


Roger Federer reacts to the 'new faces' on the tennis scene
Roger Federer reacts to the 'new faces' on the tennis scene © Clive Brunskill / Getty Images Sport

Roger Federer will be in attendance at the Laver Cup in Vancouver, Canada. This Swiss retired last year, after a long and brilliant career. Tennis fans are already getting used to new faces and talents coming to the tennis scene.

Certainly, the biggest-known names at the moment are Carlos Alcaraz, Helger Runne, and Jannik Sinner. We must not forget women's tennis, nor Coco Gauff. Federer has a great opinion of her. In an interview with Eurosport, Federer spoke about the 'new era' of tennis.

"A lot still going on in tennis of course, as always," he said, as quoted by Eurosport!
"The records will always tumble. Or just the stories always rewritten. And just for example the US Open was great with the record [24 Grand Slam titles] of course by Novak Djokovic.
And of course I was also very happy about Coco Gauff’s victory.

I've known her for five years, when she was very young, and this was a great victory for her.
We have a new world No.1 in women's tennis [Sabalenka], Alcaraz, who won Wimbledon.
And just the new generational change is really noticeable.

It's a bit of a shame for me that I haven't been able to play against a few in the last couple of years.
But I think it's great what's going on in tennis at the moment and I still follow it very, very closely."

Roger Federer

Roger is aware that with their departure, tennis will still exist and attract everyone's attention.

There are many interesting faces on the tennis scene who have attracted the attention of the Swiss. It's hard to get used to tennis without him, and it will be especially hard when Djokovic and Nadal leave. However, there are some new faces that will surely bring us excitement.

"I think it’s still going well, not that there would somehow be a slump after I retired or that Rafa is injured at the moment.
The story continues and that will always be the case. Tennis will always be played by new players but at the same time, the way I see these players moving on the court now is unbelievable.

And I think many more will come.
The new players have interesting personalities and tennis is still right up there in the world of sport, and that is beautiful for me to see."

Roger Federer