ATP Finals: Medvedev defeated Djokovic, who wait for Zverev!

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ATP Finals: Medvedev defeated Djokovic, who wait for Zverev!

Daniil Medvedev defeated Novak Djokovic straight sets, with the final score of 6-3 6-3, in the second match of their round robin t the ATP Finals 2020. To overcome the cut of the Group Tokyo 1970 will now have to win the playoff with Alexander Zverev.

The number five of the group, who plays an extremely orderly game and who wins the vast majority of prolonged exchanges, breaks the balance in the heart of the opening fraction and breaks off in the second with a partial 3-0.

Djokovic, foul and without a precise tactical plan, does not find enough good weapons to get back on track. In the 6-3 6-3 final that qualifies for the semifinals there are all the hows and all the whys. Medvedev has a tactical plan that is as simple as it is effective.

To serve well, to make little mistakes and not to allow reference points from the baseline. Djokovic, who is forced to cancel a handful of break points during the fourth game, also pays for the very poor effectiveness of the drop-shots.

Needless to say, he gets up from 15-40 when the scoreboard says 3-3 but misses a rather simple solution when he has the chance to put his head forward. Medvedev, who takes care of every defensive detail with extreme precision, takes advantage of the fifth useful opportunity, strengthens the advantage with a rather simple turn and just waits at 5-3.

Djokovic contributes to the case with two double fouls and finds himself in the uncomfortable role of the pursuer for the second time in seven direct matches. Djokovic actually struggles to hide his nervousness. And above all to limit the number of unforced.

Twenty-one after just over a set. Medvedev, who also manages the inaugural game in a practically perfect way, inflates the partial break of consecutive breaks - three - and at 2-0 he saves himself at 30-40. Accomplice, once again, a wicked choice by Djokovic in the middle of the setting phase.

The rest is a completely necessary outline: Medvedev defends the last few rounds without giving a chance and pushes close to the finish line after just under ninety minutes.

Zverev can still qualifying

From the defeat with Daniil Medvedev to the victory with Diego Schwartzman.

Alexander Zverev does not make major improvements to the London project, but remains at least clinging to second place in the Group Tokyo 1970 which will be played with the world number one. In short, despite a performance of thirty-eight unforced errors (thirty-eight!), The German tennis player manages to find the decisive flash in the initial stages of the third set.

Although in some sort of horror festival - which El Peque helps make fun it doesn't take advantage of a set and break advantage. And not even a ball to escape the heavy 4-1 in the heart of the second. The Argentine tennis player, who unlike "Sascha" does not find a true friend in the serve, does not even find, as in the logic of things, sufficiently good baseline weapons to get back on track.

Or at least to make himself dangerous in the last three batting rounds. Emblematic at the threshold of two hours of play is the 6-3 4-6 6-3 that appears on the luminous board.