ATP Finals: Daniil Medevdev humiliated Zverev again!

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ATP Finals: Daniil Medevdev humiliated Zverev again!

Alexander Zverev's late night show under the roof of London's O2 Arena at the ATP Finals 2020 turns out to be frankly miserable. A good thing for Daniil Medvedev, that the vast majority of the problems are limited to stacking them during the first fraction, already champion in Paris-Bercy at the Rolex Paris Masters.

The German, too bad to be true, wins just over 20% of the points with the second ball and arrives at the finish line with thirty unforced errors in the bag. Without having a valid tactical plan or more simply the elements to make a real match, he does what he can.

Little, in the vast majority of cases. The Russian, obviously without overdoing it, closes at 6-3 6-4 after just over ninety minutes and at the second participation in his career moves the zero from the box of Finals victories.

In the Group Tokyo 1970 it will be difficult to understand the hierarchies now. Novak Djokovic aside, of course.

Medvedev beat Zverev

The German, with a rather massive advantage to defend, returns the favor by littering the notebook with three double faults.

Medvedev, who does not solve all the problems in the third game, still goes back to 15-40, cancels a total of three other break points and moves the score for the first time with the available serve. Sascha, in order not to be left behind in the plot is saved in a very similar way.

Even if the contribution of those who stop on the opposite side of the network is fundamental. Medvedev, who faces 15-40 also on 3-2 - breaks the balance at the fourth useful opportunity. Or rather, Zverev does the vast majority of the work with two surgical double faults which he places consecutively on the fourth tie.

Called to give a minimum of continuity after a decidedly mediocre forty, Medvedev somehow reverses the trend and with the straight-serve scheme he gets out of trouble from 0-30 and closes the practice with a zero turn at 5-3 .

Intensity and quality do not go the same way. Zverev, who does not have a sufficiently good package of solutions from the baseline, at least manages to put his head forward at 3-2. However, not without going up from 0-30 in the opening game and not without drawing a very complicated backhand volley at 2-2 30-30.

Medvedev, more lucid and at least less foul, even without shining puts the decisive shoulder in the seventh game and defends the last two rounds of service with order. In the middle there is also a service from below that is worth 40-30 on 4-3.

Zverev is not going through a very peaceful period, especially because of what is happening outside the court, with the poisoned statements between him and his former girlfriend Olga Sharypova.