Djokovic:"To focus on tennis and nothing else, I don't think that's possible anymore"

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Djokovic:"To focus on tennis and nothing else, I don't think that's possible anymore"

Novak Djokovic has always been someone who spoke with an open heart and in the last interview for Evening Standard, he touched on bombing, but also current tennis topics. He is not going through an easy period, but he points out how strong he is in his head now.

He can overcome everything. "In a way, I grew up in trouble, when I think about it. Growing up in a country that was at war during the 1990s, under sanctions, embargoes, I think a lot happened to me as a child. So I kind of got used to it.

When I I started traveling and experiencing various troubles, it wasn’t hard for me to deal with it, it was kind of etched in me." "It doesn’t mean you have to go through the war to gain some kind of resilience, I don’t want it to anyone.It gives me energy to prove that I can succeed regardless of the obstacles that are in front of me, "said Djokovic.

Tennis is not his only focus, but he adds that he follows his heart and thus makes decisions in life. "To focus on tennis and nothing else, I don't think that's possible anymore. I'm not in that phase of life anymore.

I have things happening in my life that I can't ignore and think only about victories, winning trophies and breaking records, without thinking of children, family and other things." "I try to balance in all this.I understand that everyone has their own opinion.I respect when someone has a different opinion and expresses it publicly, whether it is a player association, a PTPA."

"I was criticized a lot, but I do what my heart tells me to do.I try to constantly remind myself that everything I do should have a positive impact on tennis, sports and life in general.Of course, we all make mistakes, and I made them like everyone else, but I have no problem being honest and open.


Nadal defeat

He has had two difficult moments lately - disqualification in New York and defeat by Rafa Nadal in the final of Roland Garros. "When it comes to New York, I left the tournament with some thoughts that are not about losing due to a forehand or backhand that ended up in the net.

And that Roland Garros final? I can’t say I regret anything, to say I was close when I wasn’t. I was outplayed and after that it was not difficult to take a step further " Many are interested in the answer to the question - until when will Djokovic play? "I don't think that my age is a problem, that I have another year, two or three left to win Grand Slams.

Of course, I have to be smarter from the next season in that strategic sense, around creating a calendar, with tournaments that are a priority and where I want to be in top shape." "As long as the desire is there, I am healthy and have the support of my family, I will continue to play.

I don't see it as a kind of obligation, it's not about finances or anything like that, the thing is that I still enjoy the game and I want to compete at the highest level. As long as I feel that way, I'll be there for a long time. I don't want to give myself a shelf life, "he said.