Why Daniil Medvedev Thinks 10/10 Isn't Enough for a US Open Title Anymore

Medvedev reflects on his journey and upcoming Alcaraz clash

by Zain ul Abedin
Why Daniil Medvedev Thinks 10/10 Isn't Enough for a US Open Title Anymore
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Daniil Medvedev, the former World No. 1, is known for his candid assessments of his performance on the tennis court. Following his recent victory against Andrey Rublev, propelling him into the quarter-finals of the US Open, Medvedev awarded himself a perfect score of 10 out of 10.

Yet, as the prospect of a semi-final clash with defending champion Carlos Alcaraz looms, Medvedev acknowledges that perfection may not suffice. In an exclusive interview, Medvedev expressed, "It needs to be 11 out of 10 because that's how Carlos is, very strong.

Even here I think he lost one set, but I watched some matches, sometimes on break points he runs for the passing shots. Incredible stuff." Medvedev's track record attests to his ability to outplay any opponent on his best days.

With a Pepperstone ATP Rankings No. 1 spot under his belt and a Grand Slam victory at the 2021 US Open, along with six ATP Masters 1000 titles, he is a force to be reckoned with. However, the looming challenge of Alcaraz begs the question: will Medvedev's best be enough? "I want to think that it's enough, because I'm playing amazing," Medvedev asserted.

"I said it on the court. I feel like starting from the third set against [Christopher] O’Connell, guys have been playing brutally good against me." Reflecting on his recent matches, Medvedev praised the formidable performances of Rublev and Alex de Minaur, who gave him a run for his money.

Despite the tough conditions and stiff competition, Medvedev's resilience prevailed.

Medvedev's Resilience and Alcaraz Challenge

"That's what I'm really proud of. Sometimes it's not easy to come back in the matches, to stay there with the tough conditions.

Andrey and Alex are probably some of the best physical guys on Tour, and I managed to make them suffer," Medvedev said. "All of this is good for the confidence. It’s good for the next matches. If I compare myself to two years ago, I would say definitely not worse.

But to me, [I need] to continue this way, two more matches to go." Medvedev acknowledges that his encounter with Alcaraz presents a unique challenge, as he currently trails 1-2 in their Lexus ATP Head2Head series this year.

Alcaraz's incredible power and versatile shot selection make him a formidable opponent. "He has every shot in the game," Medvedev noted. "But again, in tennis, you can always beat players. People beat Novak. People even beat Rafa on clay, which is almost impossible, but some players do.

It's the same about Carlos. Every time I will be playing against him I want to try to win." Medvedev remains undeterred by his past losses to Alcaraz and is committed to delivering his best tennis, regardless of the opponent.

As he looks ahead to his next match on Friday, Medvedev's fighting spirit remains unwavering. "I’m someone who fights a lot, so I want to try to be better," Medvedev said. "I need to be 11 out of 10 to try to beat him." As tennis fans around the world eagerly await this epic showdown, Medvedev's dedication to elevating his game promises an enthralling match, with the outcome yet to be decided on the grand stage of the US Open.

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