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Jannik Sinner today won his first ATP title at 19 years-old, becoming the youngest Italian to win a tournament in the in the ATP Tour. Sinner won the ATP 250 in Sofia after a very painful race, full of tension and where he probably did not play his best match in his career but took home a success to close a good 2020, a match won with the result of 6-4 3-6 7-6 (3).

Sinner has the opportunity to immediately close the match but ahead of a set and a break drops sharply and begins a series of serious errors. When the race really seems to be at risk, however, Jannik returns to vogue and wins an emotionally important race.

Here is the whole analysis of the match: In the first game immediately the Canadian has some difficulties, cancels three break points but in the end manages to reach 1 to 0. Pospisil trudges to serve and in the third game at the first break point this time Sinner is deadly and immediately wins the break.

In the next game Jannik makes a few mistakes too many and gives a chance to the opponent who does not take advantage of it and the blue thus moves to 3 to 1. The set flows forward with Pospisil growing slowly and Sinner instead making some mistakes of too much with 3 double faults.

ATP Sofia: Jannik Sinner WON HIS FIRST TITLE!

You arrive at 5-4 and Sinner wins the set to zero with great mastery and leadership. The race seems to be downhill but Sinner in the second game messes up and commits 4 consecutive mistakes, giving the Canadian a zero counterbreak.

The set goes on and Pospisil has no problems on his turn of service and with a slew of ace he closes 6-3 and goes to the even set. In the third set Sinner continues to struggle and wins the first game after having canceled two break points.

It goes on with Sinner who keeps the game with difficulty and Pospisil who plays well and appears increasingly growing. At 5-4 Pospisil serves to stay in the match, Jannik does not take advantage of a small opportunity and the race goes on at 5-5 with both sides now heart-pounding.

The two maintain the service and Sinner thus plays his first career final at the tie break. Here both start well with the service and keep it up to 3 to 2. Sinner plays an excellent answer that Pospisil does not restart, the blue goes on at 4 to 2.

Jannik picks up the pace and plays a crazy forehand at 5-3. Three match points for the blue and at the first chance Sinner closes and wins his first career title! Pistolesi's Italian record is broken and yet another record in a career that Sinner has only started.

On Monday best ranking for Sinner who will now be able to concentrate for next season, and for a career also blessed by Roger Federer.