Stan Wawrinka about the victory against Novak Djokovic

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Stan Wawrinka about the victory against Novak Djokovic

He is the only tennis player who managed to enter the company of Grand Slam winners during the "big three", but it was not easy at all. Stan Wawrinka reveals how difficult it was to express psychological pressure before the match with Novak Djokovic in the US Open final in 2016.

"I was 31 years old, I thought it might be my last chance for the Grand Slam title" the Swiss began with an explanation that surprised everyone. It lasted for a while before the finals, and even in training: "The training before the finals did not go well, it was very windy, I was nervous and in a bad mood.

Five minutes before entering the complex, I suddenly felt bad, extremely nervous. I started crying, I even vomited a little." , says Wawrinka, as quoted by sportskeeda. Then he came up with the idea, how to get it out of himself, it turned out that he succeeded in that:

Coach support

"My coach Magnus Norman came to talk to me and I came to my senses before we met Novak Djokovic in the hallway before going out on the field.

I still didn't feel well. Novak led 4: 1 in the first set and had a breaking ball, I won that game and then I decided to tire myself physically to get rid of stress.I extended the exchanges, even if it meant losing them."

, said Wawrinka. He managed to turn it around and finally celebrate. "I started running right and left, little by little fatigue overcame my brain and I had to focus on my physical condition and tennis. The stress disappeared at that moment.

I didn't know then if I would win, but I knew I would fight to the end. And I won." , concluded the Swiss ace, who celebrated with 6: 7, 6: 4, 7: 5, 6: 3. It is interesting that the match was also marked by the visit of several famous people, including Ivanka Trump, the daughter of US President Donald, who undoubtedly conveyed her impressions from the finals.

In addition, Leonardo di Caprio watched the match, and the match was marked by several segments. Before and after the match, the focus was on Wawrinka's tears, and during the match, there were exceptional points and Novak's painful face.

At one point, the Serb asked for a medical time-out due to a foot injury, which was one of the many problems he was dealing with at the time.