Carlos Alcaraz's One-Hander: A Brief Glimpse from 'I Probably Watched Roger That Day'

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Carlos Alcaraz's One-Hander: A Brief Glimpse from 'I Probably Watched Roger That Day'
Carlos Alcaraz's One-Hander: A Brief Glimpse from 'I Probably Watched Roger That Day' © Clive Brunskill/Getty Images Sport

Carlos Alcaraz's formidable two-handed backhand stands as one of the most potent weapons in the ATP Tour. This mastery on his dominant wing likely played a role in the fleeting nature of his experiment with a one-handed variation of the shot.

During a recent conversation, Alcaraz reflected on his youthful curiosity, saying, "When I was young, I loved to try new things." Responding to a query from a journalist about his coaches contemplating a one-handed backhand development during his childhood, Alcaraz explained, "Probably the one-handed backhand was one of those things that I practiced for just one day.

I love to do different shots, different things on court. Probably that day I watched a Roger Federer match, and I tried to imitate him." Over the years, Alcaraz's backhand has grown in strength. While his forehand claimed the spotlight during his formative years, the backhand has matured into a reliable asset.

He expressed his comfort with the shot, stating, "My backhand, it was improving during these years. When I was young, my forehand was my best shot. It's still my best shot, but I feel really comfortable with my backhand."

Alcaraz Shines and Advances

In a recent US Open match against Dominik Koepfer, Alcaraz's well-rounded game was on full display.

Holding a commanding 6-2, 3-2 lead on Arthur Ashe Stadium before Koepfer's unfortunate ankle injury forced him to retire, Alcaraz showcased his potential to continue his title defense. Looking ahead to his next round against Lloyd Harris, Alcaraz shared his satisfaction with his performance, remarking, "I felt great during the match.

I started pretty well... I am very, very happy with the level, even if Domi had to retire." Alcaraz, known for his engaging on-court persona, also emphasized his desire to connect with fans. During his post-match interview, he even treated the audience to a brief musical interlude.

Alcaraz's infectious enthusiasm and affable demeanor have earned him a special place in the hearts of spectators. As the reigning US Open champion, Alcaraz faces the challenge of defending his maiden Grand Slam title. Yet, he remains grounded, concentrating on his game rather than the pressure.

"I'm not thinking about defending the title," he affirmed. "I just focus on playing my best level, to recover the level that I played last year, and try to do the same things that I did last year." In this journey, Alcaraz continues to be true to himself, embracing the joy of the game and the connection with his fans, even as he navigates the expectations that come with his newfound success.

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