Andrea Petkovic made a very sensational revelation on Roger Federer

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Andrea Petkovic made a very sensational revelation on Roger Federer
Andrea Petkovic made a very sensational revelation on Roger Federer

Andrea Petkovic, former German tennis player, spoke on the Inside-In podcast of the Tennis Channel about Roger Federer's career, sharing her personal opinions on the Swiss 'legend. She said: "If Rafael Nadal and Novak Djokovic hadn't arrived on the circuit, Roger Federer would have stopped at 17 Grand Slam titles." Starting from her concern regarding the women's circuit, with the dominance of Iga Swiatek, the German also extended the discourse to the men's circuit.

Above all, she used references from the past to show how dangerous the lack of rivalry is in a sport like tennis. She explained: "I was so happy at the start of the year when Sabalenka won the Australian Open because I know from personal experience and from watching tennis for almost 20 years how important rivalries are.

I was worried that if Iga Swiatek dominated the tour for the next three or four years, tennis wouldn't be playing any. I was very excited when Sabalenka and Rybakina found that consistency and started winning those big tournaments.

To become the best at what you do, you need those rivalries." That of the Big 3 and the future Big 3 is not the only topic that Andrea Petkovic has addressed. She also talked about motherhood in tennis and coming back. This is the case of Elina Svitolina, she returns shortly after the birth of little Skai; the case of Caroline Wozniacki, who is back after a three-year absence and two children: "The story of Svitolina is truly the story of the year for me, you can see that it has a purpose.

She plays for her country, her daughter, for her. She's back and she's playing as she always has, as a fighter: she's an opponent not to be underestimated. She never fails to shine on big occasions and seeing what she did at Wimbledon was fantastic.

Has the pressure increased on Caroline Wozniacki, Naomi Osaka, Angelique Kerber? Svitolina came back very strong, I think they must feel a bit under pressure to do the same."

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