Daniil Medvedev on playing at the Canadian Open and previous successes

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Daniil Medvedev on playing at the Canadian Open and previous successes
Daniil Medvedev on playing at the Canadian Open and previous successes

The Canadian Open will be an interesting challenge for Daniil Medvedev, given that he feels a certain amount of pressure before an important tournament. Considering his previous results here, Medvedev has reason to be optimistic and happy.

The Russian has only good memories from Canada, and it seems that things are going best for him there. "I love to play all these tournaments, I played them very well many times. But it's a small pressure because I know that I want to do well here,” he said before the Canadian Open, as quoted by eurosport.com “So it's a little bit of pressure where I'll have to cope with it and to try to go through it.

I feel like I have done it many times in my career, but it's going to be here again and again. So I have to deal with it”.

Canadian Open

The Canadian Open will be played in Toronto. Medvedev is looking forward to the performance, and he remembered some matches from Canada from earlier.

“I love this tournament,” he says. “I remember actually playing well, even [five] years ago, I lost to [Alexander] Zverev, but I passed qualies, beat Felix. It was a crazy match, so very good memories so far from Toronto”.

Another advantage for him will be the fact that the matches are played on hard courts. Medvedev has shown many times that this is the surface that suits him best. His performances and successes on hard courts are enough to support what we are saying.

“I’m really happy because that's just my favourite surface, so I feel great on it. I feel like my game suits it very well, I feel it even in practice,” said Medvedev.
“And this doesn't mean everything, you can still lose.

In a way it's easy to lose. There are so many players that want to win.
But I love to play on hard courts. My body feels the best on it. So this is very important. I feel like on clay and grass, I have more things concerning my body like I would have pain here, there, probably because I would do some shots not in a good way or something like this.

On hard courts I feel very fluid. So really happy. And let's see how it goes”.

Daniil Medvedev

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