Severin Luthi: "Roger Federer enjoys life after his career"

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Severin Luthi: "Roger Federer enjoys life after his career"
Severin Luthi: "Roger Federer enjoys life after his career"

Roger Federer's former coach Severin Luthi, who coached the Swiss Maestro from 2007 until the end of his career, said in an interview with Blick that the Swiss tennis player would have played again if he could have. Luthi, Swiss coach of the year in 2017, talked about Federer's life after his retirement, saying he was happy for the possibility of the 20-time Grand Slam champion to dedicate his time to his family or to founding him.

He explained: "He enjoys life after his career. He has always been a world champion at making the best of a situation, cheerful and positive as he is. Now he can concentrate on other things: on his family, on building his house, on its foundation and sponsors.

He no longer has the stress of building up tension before tournaments. I'm sure he will appreciate it. Because the problem has never been tennis itself. He probably would've played to 100 if he could." Luthi then revealed that he met the former number one a couple of times in Dubai, but that he was unable to accompany him to Wimbledon: "Yes, he asked me if I wanted to accompany him.

We are still in contact for other things too. Through the sponsor Uniqlo, for example, or for the Laver Cup, and this year we've already met twice in Dubai. Once when I was on vacation there." Finally, Luthi explained that contacts with Federer are no longer regular, as the 20-time Grand Slam champion is often travelling: "We recently met via Facetime because it was the birthday of his two daughters.

Otherwise the contacts are irregular. Roger is still often on the road. He still has a special life." Saying goodbye to tennis for Roger Federer was certainly a decision as painful as it was inevitable. The tears shed hand in hand with Rafael Nadal in his last appearance at the Laver Cup 2022 are the emblematic image of the difficulty for the Swiss master to hang up his racket, showing how much this sport meant to him.

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