Kei Nishikori: I don’t think we have seen anyone like Carlos Alcaraz before

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Kei Nishikori: I don’t think we have seen anyone like Carlos Alcaraz before
Kei Nishikori: I don’t think we have seen anyone like Carlos Alcaraz before

The great Kei Nishikori; A man who has achieved a lot in his career, commented on the performances of the young Spaniard, Carlos Alcaraz, in one of the interviews. Nishikori is impressed with what Alcaraz is showing and his maturity at 20 years old.

Many believe that Alcaraz will surpass the 'Big Three' His wish is to play for a few more years and have the chance to be on the pitch with Alcaraz. Words like these can certainly be a huge motivation for a young Spaniard. “One thing I hope to get the chance to do is to play against these great young players like Alcaraz, Rune and Sinner at some point.
That’s part of my motivation to try to play for a few more years.
I don’t think we have seen anyone like Alcaraz before.

He looks like Rafa but he has more speed.
Good defence, unbelievable forehand and he has a good backhand too”.

Kei Nishikori surgery: My hip was not too bad

Nishikori had hip surgery earlier this year. Although many had questions about whether he would install a metal hip, Nishikori emphasized that his injury was not as serious as Murray's.

The Japanese consulted with some, with the aim of understanding the seriousness of the surgery and the potential return. “My hip was not too bad, not like Andy,” Nishikori said.
“We shaved some bone away and also I had a little bit of a tear in the labrum.

Had I kept playing without the surgery then I may have had to do something like Andy did. But fortunately, I found out before it got really bad.
I talked to James Duckworth, who had the same surgery and I was really surprised how quickly he came back to playing.

But he told me that he had some issues, so perhaps he came back too early. I decided to take a little more time." Source: EUROSPORT

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