Mats Wilander on Carlos Alcaraz: I'm nearly speechless, what a great champion

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Mats Wilander on Carlos Alcaraz: I'm nearly speechless, what a great champion
Mats Wilander on Carlos Alcaraz: I'm nearly speechless, what a great champion

Carlos Alcaraz stunned the tennis world after he managed to defeat Novak Djokovic in the Wimbledon final. Eurosport expert Mats Wilander commented on the success of the young Spaniard who already promises to break many records in the future.

Alcaraz entered the match against Djokovic as if he had already played the previous 20 finals. His physical strength and quality are truly something special. "That match was absolutely incredible. To have played on grass as little as he has and to be up against Novak is unbelievable, I'm nearly speechless.
What a great champion we have in Carlos Alcaraz, and everything he does on a tennis court is so admirable to me.
It is harder and harder to win it, and it is more physical, but Alcaraz is such a physical specimen.

He is not going anywhere because he is so good and so focused.
He could win the next two Slams and that is what is so cool about him. I was not sure if grass was going to be good for him, but it is."

Matts Wilander on Alcaraz

Wilander believes that this is the best final so far considering the quality of both tennis players.

This kind of victory will certainly be a huge motivation for Alcaraz. He became aware that he could fight with the best. We cannot imagine how much he will progress in a few years. "Once you love this tournament and love the grass, you are going to be coming back and feeling like you can win it every year.
I think we are seeing a multiple Wimbledon champion before our eyes right now.

Alcaraz is a complete player at 20 years old.
It is going to be incredible what he achieves because this was maybe the best Wimbledon match in terms of its level that I have ever seen."
Novak Djokovic and his qualities are what we are very familiar with.

The Serb used to lose finals before, but he always came back even stronger. "For Novak, he is going to learn from this loss and the lessons, and from hitting the net post, because I'm sure that is going to be a big regret.

Great champions respond."


Mats Wilander Carlos Alcaraz

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