Carlos Alcaraz: Before this match, I thought I can't beat Novak Djokovic


Carlos Alcaraz: Before this match, I thought I can't beat Novak Djokovic
Carlos Alcaraz: Before this match, I thought I can't beat Novak Djokovic

Carlos Alcaraz apparently surprised himself by defeating Novak Djokovic in the Wimbledon final. After a long fight of 5 sets, the Spaniard showed his mental strength. At the press conference after the victory, Alcaraz surprised many by saying that he did not expect to win.

“I'm really capable of doing the things that I did today.
Probably before this match, I thought that I wasn't ready to beat Djokovic in five sets, an epic match like this. Stay good physically or good mentally about five hours against a legend, probably I learned today about myself today."
This victory could change a lot of things.

Alcaraz now realized that he is ready to fight with the greatest and that no one is a problem for him. To beat Novak Djokovic, and in such a way, is really something special. The Spaniard took the pressure off himself, and we have no doubt that this is a huge motive in the sequel.

"Yeah, I mean, before this match, I thought I can't beat Novak. That's obvious. But after this epic match, let's say, yeah, I think differently about Novak in the way that probably in other tournaments, in other Grand Slams, I will remember this moment.
I will think that, well, I'm ready to play five sets against him, good rallies, good sets, really long, long matches, and stay there physically, mentally, in tennis, in general.
Probably it changes my mind a little bit after this match”.

Novak Djokovic on Carlos Alcaraz

Novak Djokovic himself was surprised by the maturity and game of the young Spaniard. Novak believes that Alcaraz is a combination of the 'Big Three', and that he possesses qualities like no one before.

These words will certainly be a great motivation for Carlos. "I think people have been talking in the past 12 months or so about his game consisting of certain elements from Roger, Rafa, and myself. I would agree with that. I think he's got basically the best of all three worlds.

I haven't played a player like him ever, to be honest. Roger and Rafa have their own obvious strengths and weaknesses. Carlos is a very complete player. Amazing adapting capabilities that I think are a key for longevity and for a successful career on all surfaces”.

Carlos Alcaraz Novak Djokovic