Toni Nadal gives a great update on Rafael Nadal's come back!


Toni Nadal gives a great update on Rafael Nadal's come back!
Toni Nadal gives a great update on Rafael Nadal's come back!

Rafael Nadal wants to return to the ATP Tour. This was reported by Toni Nadal, uncle of the Spanish tennis player and his former coach, now master of Felix Auger Aliassime. Before the Roland Garros, the former world number one announced that he would skip Paris and that he would return for the Davis Cup, which will be held in the second half of the season.

Perhaps even this appointment could be postponed, which is why the Slam champion could return directly in 2024. Uncle Toni gives the latest updates on Nadal's possible return, in an interview with Clay Tenis: "We'll see later...

Rafael has already 37 years old, years weigh. What I know, because I've talked about it with him, is that Rafael wants to come back, he wants to recover well. And if he recovers well, I think he will want to continue. Then we will see, because the results have to accompany him, which won't be easy, because when you lose the ranking it's more difficult, because you have to compete with the best faster.

So you have to feel good more days and you have to play difficult games more times. We will see." The return is only possible if Rafa Nadal is in condition to train. After the operation he underwent a few weeks ago, which cast doubt on his presence in the final stages of the Davis Cup, the former Spanish number one is back in training, but not on the field.

Toni explained: "Yes, he is physically training, but he still can't train tennis, the doctor advised him not to do it, to wait for the complete recovery. Within a month he can start training you on the court." Words that go in the wake of what Toni Nadal wrote in the pages of El Pais a few weeks ago: "I am thrilled to see my nephew recover and to see his return next year in this magnificent setting to demonstrate, as he said singer-songwriter Carlos Gardel, that 20 years is nothing."

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