How much did the pandemic affect Djokovic's results?

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How much did the pandemic affect Djokovic's results?

The new way of scoring in the ATP system, where the moratorium on deducting points has been extended until March 8, 2021, seems to be tailored to Novak Djokovic. Namely, on that date, ie on Women's Day next year, he can surpass the record 310 weeks of dominating the world of tennis, currently in the hands of Roger Federer, if he remains at the top of the ATP list.

The sparrows on the branch already know the real story, so it may be that the ATP did him a small favor with this, but they are forgetting something very important. If there was no pandemic, that is, if it was played all of March, until August, as long as the tennis quarantine lasted, Djokovic would apparently keep the first position and from yesterday he would have counted 315 weeks at the head of white sports professionals.

His goal at the beginning of the year was to stay in the first position until October 5, and that date has now passed. Even if you look at the tournaments played according to the old scoring system, that is, with the subtraction after 52 weeks after winning, Djokovic would be the first.

The interruption in the calculation, that is, the summing up of the weeks of rule, no matter how justified, cost him the most.

Four trophies

The man from Belgrade dominated this season with four trophies. One more has this year's record holder Rublev, although the quality of the won tournaments cannot be compared.

If the placement on the ATP list were calculated according to the old system, but with the tournaments that were played, Novak Djokovic would be in the first position with 6,655 points, ahead of Dominic Thiem with 4,615 and Rafael Nadal who would collect 3,690.

Roger Federer has not played since the semifinals of the Australian Open due to knee surgery, so he would be dropped from the Top 10, and this is the fourth. Although he could drop out of the Top 5 by the end of 2020, as he is threatened by Danil Medvedev, Stefanos Tsitsipas and Alexander Zverev.

In addition to points, money is to some extent a criterion of how good someone was, so Nole is unrivaled in that segment as well, since he has earned over 6,000,000 dollars so far in tournaments alone. Djokovic will therefore finish in the first position for the sixth time in a year, which will equal the idol Pete Sampras, the previous solo record holder, which will be another plus in his incredible sports biography.

Who knows, if he had already broken Federer's record of 310 weeks of rule, he would have had more time to focus only on the Grand Slams, since in that segment he is three trophies behind the Swiss and Nadal with 20. And, we believe, he will soon reached and overtook them .

This way, he will have to wait a little longer, and then grab another record in the inspiring race for the unofficial title of "best of all time"