Daria Kasatkina: "I'm worried about the Ukrainians"

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Daria Kasatkina: "I'm worried about the Ukrainians"
Daria Kasatkina: "I'm worried about the Ukrainians"

Daria Kasatkina is worried about the fate of her family and the Ukrainian people. For the Russian player, tennis is also a tool to forget about problems and what is happening in the world (particular reference to the war in Ukraine).

The Russian player released some interesting statements in an interview with The Telegraph, also reiterating her opinion on the conflict: "When I'm on the court I don't think about it. I'm in a different frame of mind which actually helps me disconnect from all of this. Since the beginning of the war, I've been following everything every day.

At times I have felt overwhelmed and am trying to relax through tennis. I am very happy to be back in the UK and to have had the opportunity to play, including Wimbledon."

Kasatkina is worried about the fate of her family and the Ukrainian people

She then added: "My family and especially my parents are still in Russia.

As you have seen, there has been a lot of confusion there in the last few days and that is why I am quite worried. I'm worried about my friends, my best friends live in Voronezh, one of the cities they entered. I feel this way because my friends were very scared.

I was too. I couldn't help but suggest they go to my city, because it's further away from the epicenter of the Prigozhin mutiny, so I wasn't involved in the situation." On the Ukrainian people you said: "Ukrainians are experiencing a much worse situation, but I can feel the same way too.

I am very worried about the people I love. Unfortunately, we now have to live with this situation. It is part of our life. It's been a tough year and we don't know how long it will last." After last year's ban, Kasatkina was able to come to the UK this year to participate in the scheduled tournaments on grass.

The Russian is now engaged in Eastobourne: in her debut Daria defeated the Ukrainian Anhelina Kalinina with a clear 6-3, 6-1. In the round of 16 you will have to contend with a former number one in the world, the Czech Karolina Pliskova.