Marian Vajda: "After the 23rd Slam Novak Djokovic wrote me touching words"

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Marian Vajda: "After the 23rd Slam Novak Djokovic wrote me touching words"
Marian Vajda: "After the 23rd Slam Novak Djokovic wrote me touching words"

In Paris Novak Djokovic wrote history. Grand Slam title number 23: no one like him in the history of men's tennis. A success that the Serbian tennis player also celebrated with his team, led by coach Goran Ivanisevic. There are those who are no longer part of the Belgrade tennis player's team, but who have been by his side for many years, in many victories and even in some defeats.

"Immediately after the match, I sent him a voice message on his mobile phone," said Marian Vajda, Djokovic's former coach, in an interview with Sport.Sk.. "I told him I was very happy that he had won his 23rd title. A few hours later he replied telling me that he appreciates it a lot, he doesn't forget that I'm still part of his team and his family.

He wonderful, touching words. I appreciated the way he won the title on clay, on the hardest surface and in the most difficult Grand Slam tournament for him."

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A victory that came after facing players younger than him.

The difference, according to Vajda, with the opponents is still the mentality and experience. "Djokovic's Grand Slam experience is priceless. He distributes his forces sensibly. Even losing a set won't stop him, he's extremely strong mentally.

This enormous experience is already half of the victory when you start a match," said the former coach of the Serbian, who has a very precise vision of the match won against Alcaraz, also stopped by cramps due to tension.

“We have to admit that Alcaraz had not faced such resistance and had such a difficult opponent before. Novak changes intensity, the opponent doesn't know what to expect from him, every exchange is different. Alcaraz was stressed and exhausted," said Vajda.

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