Feliciano Lopez isn't surprised by Carlos Alcaraz's cramps against Novak Djokovic


Feliciano Lopez isn't surprised by Carlos Alcaraz's cramps against Novak Djokovic
Feliciano Lopez isn't surprised by Carlos Alcaraz's cramps against Novak Djokovic

Carlos Alcaraz was one of the favorites in this edition of the Roland Garros. However, cramps and an excellent Novak Djokovic stopped the Spanish tennis player in the semifinals, towards the second Grand Slam title of his career, the first in Paris: a handover from Spaniard, Rafa Nadal, to another Spaniard.

This didn't happen precisely because of that physical condition, also dictated by the tension of that match: in front of him, he had one who has been through several Grand Slam semifinals. Feliciano Lopez talked about this situation during an interview with Eurosport: "I wasn't that surprised.

These are things that can happen. They played with a brutal intensity. Carlos is still very young. He has a lot of pressure on his back. I was surprised, if anything, it happened to him after finishing the second set."

Lopez isn't surprised by Alcaraz's cramps against Djokovic

The difference in this match, according to Feliciano Lopez, was experience.

A Slam semifinal for Carlos Alcaraz before that, 45 for Novak Djokovic: "I also think it's a question of how he approaches those games. But as soon as Carlitos plays three or four more semifinal Grand Slams at that level, those things won't happen to him again.

Let's not forget that Djokovic had played forty-five Grand Slam semifinals and for Carlitos it was the second. When you see those numbers, it can happen. Physically, Carlitos is an animal, a person who lives for tennis, who takes great care of himself.

He has everything he needs to be successful, I would give more importance to the fact that we had high hopes in this Roland Garros,” said Feliciano López. Carlos Alcaraz will most likely lead Spain to the finals of this Davis Cup.

Lopez said: "He is a miracle and I tell people that another player has emerged from the same country as Rafa Nadal, and at that level. Having them together would be a dream for every Spanish captain and fan."

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