Novak Djokovic would like to make history in New York


Novak Djokovic would like to make history in New York

Novak Djokovic writes history. The tennis player from Belgrade won the 23rd Grand Slam title, for the first time conquering the top of the ranking for who has the most Grand Slam titles. The success came in Paris, on Philippe Chatrier: won the third Roland Garros title, beating Casper Ruud in three sets in the final.

Djokovic explained in the press conference: "The fact that the story was at stake was on my mind, but my team created a big bubble around me and I didn't want to get any kind of unnecessary noise. I didn't want to be separated from what I had to do, to focus on the final and get ready to win it.

When I saw his forehand go away, I fell to the ground and felt a great sense of relief: once the tournament is over, it's even sweeter to close the title, but when you're done you feel a bit deflated, like a balloon no air.

There was so much tension, so much stress. Obviously this is also an aspect that motivates me, but it can become a burden. I have tried to stay in the present and I couldn't be happier to share it with my team and family. It's an incredible feeling."

Novak Djokovic would like to make history in New York

The French Open, however, already seems to be behind us.

Djokovic is aiming for his next goals and, as he and Ivanisevic said, our thoughts turn only to the Grand Slam tournaments: Wimbledon and US Open. Nole told: "Which challenge motivates me the most? I would like to have a chance in New York again.

I'd like to win Wimbledon, which is a very different mountain to climb, and having won the last four Wimbledons gives me a different confidence. If I win in London, and it's a big 'what if', I'd love a chance to make history again in New York.

I didn't succeed a couple of years ago, against Medvedev, but I always felt the love of all New Yorkers and that day I felt different, the love they gave me completely overwhelmed me. I really want to go back there."

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