Zverev is furious with the Roland Garros because he can't do insulin on the court

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Zverev is furious with the Roland Garros because he can't do insulin on the court
Zverev is furious with the Roland Garros because he can't do insulin on the court

Alexander Zverev reached the quarterfinals of the Roland Garros 2023 after defeating Grigor Dimitrov with a clear score of 6-1, 6-4, 6-3. However, the match was not without controversy. During one of the court changes, Zverev decided to give himself insulin, as he has been suffering from type 1 diabetes since the age of three.

However, the officials prevented Zverev from doing so on the court, asking him to leave the field and to include administration as a bathroom break. Zverev expressed his irritation at this decision, explaining that in a best-of-five-set match he might need to inject himself four or five times.

He also stressed that the administration was necessary for his well-being and even his life. "They told me to leave the court," Zverev said during the press conference following the match. "In my last game, they told me that this would be considered a bathroom break.

I replied: Guys, come on! I only get two bathroom breaks in a match, but in a best-of-five-set match I sometimes have to inject four or five times' So I told them that can't be the case because it would mean I'm not being allowed something necessary for the my well-being, for my life."

Alexander Zverev and the insulin case in the second set

During the second set of the match, Alexander Zverev had to leave the court to get his insulin.

However, a Roland Garros supervisor stopped him and informed him that only a doctor was authorized to administer such injections. Zverev later explained that he knew exactly how to handle his condition, but the supervisor remained adamant in his decision and insisted that only a doctor could administer the insulin.

"A supervisor came into the room who didn't know about this situation and got scared saying, No, no, you can't do that. A doctor has to come to inject the insulin. So I told them, Look, I've had diabetes since I three years, I know exactly what to do.

But he just replied: No, only a doctor can do that. They said it looks weird when I do it on the pitch. If I don't, my life will be in danger. But they said it looks weird. This discussion is meaningless." The officials' decision was criticized by many tennis fans and other athletes with diabetes, who stressed the importance of allowing players to administer insulin during matches.

The International Tennis Federation (ITF) responded to the criticism, saying the officials' decision was in line with tournament rules. However, the ITF has also recognized the importance of ensuring that players with diabetes can take care of their health during matches.

The story has raised attention to the issue of athletes' health, particularly how chronic diseases can affect athletes' performance and lives. Zverev's case demonstrated the importance of ensuring athletes with chronic illnesses have access to the treatments they need to heal and maintain their well-being during matches.

However, Zverev decided to continue playing and won the match in three sets, proving once again his determination and his prowess on the tennis court. However, his experience at the Roland Garros this year has raised important questions about the need to provide adequate support and an understanding of the importance of medical care during competitive sport.

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