Gael Monfils delighted with the "big three"

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Gael Monfils delighted with the "big three"

Together they have 57 Grand Slam titles, the world of tennis has been dominated for practically two decades and it seems that no one can still stop them. Tennis lives in the age of the Big Three, which will be noted as something really special.

And while their eternal race is still going on, the world is literally staring and waiting for what will happen next. Thus, in just the last months of the day, two records were reached that were thought to be untouchable - Nadal won the 20th Grand Slam, and Djokovic will finish the year in first place for the sixth time in his career.

The first was equated with Federer, and the second with the childhood idol, Pete Sampras. Moreover, he expects to continue counting the Grand Slam titles next season, but also for the Serb to set a new world record on March 8 for the weeks spent at the top of the list.

Currently the leader is Federer with 310. It seems as if the Big Three are from another planet, and what exactly separates them from the rest of the tennis caravan is not very easy to understand. In fact, their closest associates have the best insight, but also rivals, people who watch them in tournaments for years, play against them, hang out.

What is the secret of their success, Gael Monfils tried to unravel just such an "intimus"

Monfils on Big Three

"Roger, Rafa and Novak are discreet in every way, and that's OK and it makes them a bit mysterious," says the Frenchman.

"Everyone works in their own way and their ways are completely different. And that's great! It's fun to watch them train, how many hours they invest in it. All three are maniacs! And all three are legends of our sport."

The former sixth racket in the world and Djokovic's peer has a negative score with all members of the Big Three and knows them perfectly well, but he was also delighted by Rafael Nadal's recent success - winning the 20th Grand Slam Cup, ie the 13th Musketeers Cup at Roland Garros.

They could change the name for slag to “Nadal’s Background”. On it, Rafa is blessed. "Mentally, I'm not even close to him, I know that there are things that can affect me. And he is solid as a rock.

And that is the difference between a legend and a good tennis player," concluded the currently 11th player on the ATP list.