Simona Halep gets a new charge after the doping issue!


Simona Halep gets a new charge after the doping issue!

The life story that has been involving Simona Halep for a few months now continues to find a happy ending. Indeed, to date, her position has worsened following a new irregularity found against her by the ITIA. It is the same agency that decreed the disqualification of the Romanian for doping last October during the US Open, but in this case the charge travels separately from the formalized sanction for taking Roxadustat, the prohibited substance found in Simona's body Halep.

This time, in fact, the ITIA has unearthed irregularities in the biological passport of the former number one in the world, who is now therefore facing an additional headache after the one suffered during the American Grand Slam.

The accusation in question, specifies the ITIA in the press release:"It is separate from the positivity to the Roxadustat of August 2022 and which had led to the provisional suspension of the athlete."

Halep's strenuous defense on social media

As already done some time ago, Simona Halep continues her strenuous self-defense, clarifying several times that she was the victim of an injustice and that she never acted with the intention of cheating.

Now there is a new accusation that the Romanian has to prove groundless, and she has commented again on social media expressing her current state of mind: "Since 7 October, when I was accused by ITIA of suspected doping, I have lived the worst nightmare of my life," began Halep.

"Not only has my name been tarnished in the worst possible way, but I am faced with a constant determination by the ITIA, for a reason I cannot understand, to prove my guilt while I have NEVER considered taking any illicit substance.

I have tried twice to have the opportunity to be tried by an Independent Tribunal and the ITIA has consistently found reasons to delay," accused the tennis player. "Now that we have clearly established that I have been the victim of a contamination, they have proposed a so-called abnormal evolution of my blood.

Three world-renowned experts who studied my blood tests were crystal clear: my blood is completely normal. I feel helpless in the face of such harassment, and their motivation to prove me guilty of something I never did. Again, all my life I have been totally against any kind of cheating.

It's not in line with my values. The only thing I hope, at this point, is to finally have access to independent and impartial judges in a Court, which will give me the opportunity to prove my innocence. I have full faith in justice and I am looking forward to finally being able to present my case at the hearing scheduled for the end of May, after several delays by the ITIA.

The support of my loved ones, the tennis world and my fans has given me the courage to continue training every day and to fight for the truth. I can't thank you more for that. With affection, Simona."

Simona Halep