Novak Djokovic on Holger Rune and Carlos Alcaraz


Novak Djokovic on Holger Rune and Carlos Alcaraz

Novak Djokovic is a tennis player who has enormous confidence and believes that he can go far at any Grand Slam. The loss to Holger Rune at the Italian Open did not particularly 'shake' the Serb and he expects that he will improve his game to a higher level.

“I know I can always play better,” said Djokovic as quoted by
“Definitely am looking forward to working on various aspects of my game, of my body, hopefully getting myself in 100 percent shape.

That's the goal.
I always like my chances in Grand Slams against anybody on any surface, best of five. Let's see how it goes”.
Holger Rune is currently one of the biggest talents on the tennis scene. Novak Djokovic praised the qualities that Rune possesses.

He knew even before the match what kind of player he was, but he simply did not have the solution for a good game by Holger. “Obviously in these kind of conditions, it's very difficult to get the ball past him.
He's very, very fast, very quick.

Great anticipation. Just a very talented, dynamic player, all-around player.
He was just better. He played too good for me for most parts of the match. I did have a bad start of the third set. I think that's where the match kind of shifted to his side.

He kept his nerves and deserved to win”. - Djokovic continued.

Novak Djokovic on Carlos Alcaraz

The "big three" are already slowly ceding their throne to younger generations. Djokovic put special emphasis on the Spaniard, Carlos Alcaraz, who is certainly the greatest potential of all the young talents.

The Spaniard is expected to continue his dominance in the future. “Obviously, a new generation is here already," said Djokovic.
"I mean, Alcaraz is No. 1 in the world from Monday. Obviously he's playing amazing tennis. I think it's also good for our sport that we have new faces, new guys coming up.

It's normal.
We've been saying this for years, that we can expect it to come, that moment to come when you have [a] kind of shift of generations."
I’m personally still trying to hang in there with all of them. I'm happy with — of course, very happy with — my career so far. I still have the hunger to keep going”.

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