Novak Djokovic annoyed by Rome clay-courts!


Novak Djokovic annoyed by Rome clay-courts!

The growth path of world number one Novak Djokovic continues. The Serbian champion, who will certainly lose the throne of number one, is slowly recovering his best condition and he also demonstrates it in the Italian capital.

The Serbian tennis player won in three sets battling but then closing easily in the third set against the Bulgarian tennis player Grigor Dimitrov. In the press conference Nole appeared quite satisfied and talked about many topics, including a dig at the clay courts of the tournament.

Here are Nole's words: "It was a good challenge and I was pleased to be part of it. Facing Grigor is always a good challenge, we are talking about one of the most quality tennis players on the circuit, he has been like this for many years now.

At the end of the second set he raised his level and showed his level, I had the possibility to close the match but I didn't. However, I'm happy to have found the right continuity in the third set and I had everything under control.

Adaptation to clay? We're talking about a surface where the more you play the better you feel, obviously I'd like to reach the final here, objectively that's what I'm here for. Mine is a different schedule than in previous years, obviously it's a different tournament than in the past, basically it's positive because you have more rest margins.

I'm getting close to the best possible level, obviously we can do better but I enjoyed myself today."

Novak Djokovic annoyed by Rome clay-courts!

Nole is not happy about the conditions of the courts in Rome, and he explained: "Are you surprised by the poor conditions of the courts? To tell the truth, this tournament has never had a great reputation, I know the organizers and whoever takes care of the courts and I consider everyone friends, but it's been like this for 15 years.

I don't blame them for this situation. To tell the truth, it would be curious to understand how much time you play on this court during the year, maybe you play too little and I've already asked this question in the past. If you don't use the court and you have a clay courts, this happens."

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