Novak Djokovic Seeks to Enhance Clay Court Performance Ahead of Roland Garros

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Novak Djokovic Seeks to Enhance Clay Court Performance Ahead of Roland Garros
Novak Djokovic Seeks to Enhance Clay Court Performance Ahead of Roland Garros (Provided by Sport World News)

Serbian tennis maestro, Novak Djokovic, will be vying to elevate his current record of two wins and two losses in clay court tournaments this season as he prepares for the upcoming Masters in Rome.

Novak Djokovic Aims to Improve Win-Loss Record at Masters in Rome

The reigning world number one has successfully overcome his injury concerns and is determined to refine his winning form, starting with his match against Argentinian player Etcheverry tonight.

Djokovic views this tournament as an opportunity to fine-tune his skills ahead of the prestigious Roland Garros tournament. Reflecting on the draw, Djokovic expressed his surprise at not encountering his opponents earlier this season, stating, "It is strange that we haven't been in the same draw since the beginning of the season.

Due to the circumstances on both sides, that didn't happen. I mean, he's going to be No. 1 after this tournament whatever happens. Deservedly so. He's been playing some very impressive tennis, a great level. He's the player to beat on this surface, no doubt."

Djokovic Anticipates a Strong Challenge from Carlos Alcaraz in Rome

In the upcoming Masters in Rome, Novak Djokovic faces the possibility of relinquishing his top spot to Carlos Alcaraz, who only needs to win a single match to reclaim the world throne.

Acknowledging Alcaraz as a top contender, Djokovic remarked, "Of course, it depends if Nadal is going to play in the French Open or not. But Alcaraz is one of the top favorites without any dilemma. He's been playing fantastic tennis.

We faced each other only once last year in Madrid. If we get a chance to face each other here, it would be in the final. I think we would both love to play in the final." Interestingly, Djokovic and Alcaraz have skillfully evaded each other on the Tour thus far in the season.

The Masters in Rome will mark the first tournament this year where both players will compete against one another. Assessing his overall condition, Djokovic acknowledged the occasional challenges that come with competing at his level, stating, "It's all good.

There's always some things here and there that bother you at this level. It's normal. Also, when you're not 25 anymore, I guess you experience that a bit more than what used to be the case. It takes a little bit more time to recover. But I feel good. I miss competition. I love playing in Rome."

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