Nick Kyrgios' mother threatened with a gun by a thief: Nick's revenge

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Nick Kyrgios' mother threatened with a gun by a thief: Nick's revenge
Nick Kyrgios' mother threatened with a gun by a thief: Nick's revenge (Provided by Sport World News)

Nick Kyrgios, even if not directly, experienced moments of fear yesterday morning in Canberra, in Australia. It was the mother of the Australian tennis player who was involved, who, according to local media, saw a man break into the home of the former Wimbledon finalist around 8:30.

The criminal threatened her mother with a gun, demanding the keys to Nick's Tesla Model X, asking, among other things, for clarifications on how he drove. Fortunately, however, the technology inserted in his car came to the tennis player's rescue.

As soon as the thief left the house, Kyrgios' mother immediately notified her son, who promptly first called the police, and then, via the Tesla management app, set a speed limit for the car. In this way, the reports report, the police managed to stop the 32-year-old from fleeing after a short chase.

The time of the arrest of the offender, accused of aggravated robbery, failure to detain the police request, driving a vehicle without a license and resisting a public official, was declared around 9:05, just 35 minutes after his entry into the house.

Kyrgios prepares to return to the court

Meanwhile, Nick Kyrgios has yet to make his official debut this season. His last appearance was at the Tokyo tournament in October when he won his fight with Kamil Majchrzak. After undergoing surgery in January, the Australian is on the mend, but has decided to take it easy, completely skipping the entire season on clay.

The 28-year-old will start again from grass, where he has always been the protagonist of great performances, last of all the last edition of the Wimbledon tournament, where he went as far as the final lost against Novak Djokovic.

The number 26 in the world will return to the court in the Atp 250 in Stuttgart, where he has already confirmed his presence. Kyrgios is currently in the pits but still dreams of winning the Slam and has repeatedly reiterated that, in the event of winning a Slam, perhaps Wimbledon, he could also consider retiring. Now meanwhile he works on his return.

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