Nick Kyrgios to Novak Djokovic: "He my coach? No, let's go drink together!"

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Nick Kyrgios to Novak Djokovic: "He my coach? No, let's go drink together!"
Nick Kyrgios to Novak Djokovic: "He my coach? No, let's go drink together!" (Provided by Sport World News)

World number one Novak Djokovic returned to action this week. The Serbian is playing the Banja Luka tournament in Bosnia, formerly the Belgrade tournament, and is working to continue preparing for the Roland Garros, the main objective of his season on clay and a great opportunity for Nole.

In fact, Djokovic has the chance to overtake Rafa Nadal in the Grand Slam race and become the most successful tennis player ever with 23 Grand Slams. In the post-match press conference Djokovic discussed various ideas and also discussed a curiosity about Nick Kyrgios, joking about the Australian.

He said: "I'd like to coach Kyrgios. He would win five Grand Slam tournaments with me. But of course he should work har." The Australian joked with his friend and tagged him on social media responding to his proposal. Here are his words about it: "Hahaha ...

Rather than play, we go out to dinner and go for a drink together." A Nick who has remained in the game, continues their liaison with the two who now have a great relationship. And to think that in the past Djokovic and Kyrgios had been at loggerheads several times courts, now everything has changed and the two are more friends than ever.

Nole is now busy in Bosnia while Kyrgios has been out for some time due to an injury and in the meantime they are waiting for his return to the field. In the past, Kyrgios had already underlined the mental strength of Djokovic and the Big Three as a whole, athletes who have remained at the top for almost 20 years.

Impressive numbers and Nick himself, after the final loss at Wimbledon, underlined: "Playing a final against one of the Big Three is impressive, he seemed fresh despite two weeks of battles. I'm confident, but it's always a tough battle against players like them." Kyrgios is currently in the pits but still dreams of winning the Grand Slam and has repeatedly reiterated that, in the event of winning a Grand Slam, perhaps Wimbledon, he could also consider retiring. Now meanwhile he works on his return.

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