Patrick Mouratoglou believes Rafael Nadal will be ready for the French Open

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Patrick Mouratoglou believes Rafael Nadal will be ready for the French Open
Patrick Mouratoglou believes Rafael Nadal will be ready for the French Open (Provided by Sport World News)

Rafael Nadal and his injuries are a growing problem for the Spaniard. Many are wondering if Nadal will be ready for the French Open, considering the importance of this competition. One of those who commented on Nadal's current situation and future regarding the French Open is Patrick Mouratoglou.

Patrick believes that the Spaniard will be ready for this competition. "Rafa has one goal, to win more Grand Slams than anyone else," Mouratoglou said to Eurosport.
"He knows that his number one chance is the French Open and I think he told himself that he wanted to arrive in Paris in the best shape possible.
But it's harder and harder every year because his body is very worn out, more than other players.

He gave 1000% in training and matches. That means that his annual playing time is getting shorter every year. Nadal wants to be ready for Roland-Garros and show his qualities in the best way. Whether he will be able to show his maximum is hard to predict, but his motivation and persistence are really something special.

"I think his goal is still Roland-Garros, which is why he's been preparing on clay for a long time. He'll be in shape tennis-wise.
Will he be physically fit? I can't say, it will depend on how he manages his injuries.
He'll have to have a few matches, but I'm not really worried about him.

He will be ready for Roland-Garros.
The rest of the year is something else... If he does well at Roland-Garros, he's done well for the year and he often plays pretty well on hard courts."

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Djokovic surprised many after an early exit from the Monte Carlo Masters.

However, Patrick believes that this will not have a big impact on him in the future. It takes some time for him to get the right form. "I'm not worried about him. He did the same thing last year, he went through it in Monte-Carlo," he said.
"I think it's costing him these long periods without a match, when everyone else is confident.
He's just coming in, he doesn't have a reference.

And even in terms of motivation... I'm not in his pocket, I don't know how he trains. But I know that when you know that you don't have a tournament for two months, going to train every day is not easy.
The recovery is not easy.

I have no doubt about his level of play in the Grand Slams.
After that, the only danger is that the young players are progressing more and more. His current level of play is mainly the consequence of his absence in Indian Wells and Miami."

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