Nadal has never felt better in his career

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Nadal has never felt better in his career

Modern sports, above all modern means in sports, starting from medicine, all the way to basic physical preparation, have come a long way from amateurism to the current complete professionalism and dedication Not the athlete himself, but the whole team of people who take care of all aspects of the athlete's life.

We can see that well on the example of Novak Djokovic, where for two decades everything has been focused on him achieving the absolute maximum every time he goes out on the field. This progress of sports has conditioned the fact that athletes last longer and longer, and not only that, but they manage to stay in perfect shape for years.

Although they are 30 and something. It used to be the privilege of those of 20 and something, but now there are more and more of those who dominate in the fourth decade as well. In fact, there are more such examples than vice versa.

Just look at the names: Djokovic (33), Rafael Nadal (34), Leo Messi (33), LeBron James (35), Roger Federer (39), Cristiano Ronaldo (35), Nikola Karabatic (36), Hamilton (35) ), Robert Lewandowski (32) ... All the superstars themselves who continue to push further and further.

That is why so many sports records have been broken in recent years, because these and similar people are doing a little miracle. We saw one of such miracles at this, just finished Roland Garros where Rafael Nadal, who has already been written off so many times due to knee problems, taught a lesson to everyone, except Novak Djokovic in the final.


Although in his "late" playing years, he reached the 20th Grand Slam title, which equaled the record holder Roger Federer, at the same time raising the 13th Musketeers' Cup. "Trends have changed, before it was rare for anyone to play until the age of 30, but that has changed in the last decade," Nadal told the Catalan Periodico.

"I believe that there is life after 30, and if you continue to work properly, you can extend your career. "There are more and more means and procedures that enable us to do that. But, there would be nothing like that if there is no love for the sport you train, when passion keeps you going.

So what do you think that Leoi Messi is in decline ?! It has been said for years, and he is still the best in the world. " Nadal admits that he will soon have to "hang the racket on a peg", when, that is already a question to which there is no answer.

"You can't program the future, you don't know what life brings us. If injuries get around me, what does it cost me to get up every day and train ?! Now I enjoy it more than 10 years ago, I used to feel like when I was taking an exam every day.

I kept asking for the best of myself. If I trained badly, I was dissatisfied, if I played badly, I was worried. "Today, I experience that process more calmly, I learned that no one can be 100 percent all the time. There is no more drama now when I have a bad day, now I know when I have to do my best, so I rest more and choose exercises. "