Carlos Alcaraz: "I want to be among the best in history"

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Carlos Alcaraz: "I want to be among the best in history"
Carlos Alcaraz: "I want to be among the best in history" (Provided by Sport World News)

Grand Slam champion, number one in the world, the youngest in the history of tennis, and holder of several records, especially linked to the precocity of some successes. This is just part of Carlos Alcaraz's career, him who won the third Masters 1000 title of his career at Indian Wells.

A victory that gave him the top of the ranking again after a difficult end to last season and an equally complicated start, given that he had to miss the Australian Open due to physical problems. Alcaraz analyzed during an interview for Eurosport: "An injury can happen to anyone.

But when I stopped to analyze together with my team, we saw that doing things right off the track is also very important. And I wasn't doing things 100%. I'm talking about rest, nutritional supplementation, eating right, etc.

There were a number of things that maybe I wasn't doing right. I thought a lot about cases like Nadal's when I was recovering, good players after spending time without competing get to the first tournament and win it. I wanted to be one of them, like Rafa or Djokovic."

The important goals

Carlos Alcaraz also spoke of goals for the future.

Important objectives, which include Grand Slam titles, the top of the ranking and above all emulating those who preceded him. "When I think about a goal for this year, I think about winning a Grand Slam. I want to beat Nadal and Djokovic, but not to have the role of taking away a Grand Slam from them or to prevent someone from being the best of all time, but simply to try to write my little story, my path.

I want to have many Grand Slams, I'm ambitious and my goal is big, I won't lie. My dream is to be one of the best in history, try to get close to them in some way. I know it's very complicated even impossible but ultimately in this world you have to think big and dream big. And in the end this is my dream today."

Carlos Alcaraz